MyGate Interview Experience. [SET-1]

Round 1 – Written

They(MyGate) had printed questions on paper there were multiple sets of those like we used to have in School Exam. Each paper has 3 questions and We need to write working code on laptop and mail to the recruiter. Out of 4 questions – 1 Easy, 1 Medium and 2 hard difficulty level attempting 3 questions were mandatory. Questions –

  1. Given 2 Strings find whether these are anagrams
  2. Given an array having stock prices. Print all intervals to make maximum profit.
  3. Given an array find the nearest large number on right side of the array.
  4. Given an array find Largest Increasing SubSequence

Round 2 – F2F

  1. Discussion on written round and approach to solving those problems
  2. Discussion about the current project.
  3. Print 2D Array in a spiral manner
  4. Puzzle – Given 3 boxes containing Apples, Oranges and Apple + Oranges. Label on all those boxes is wrong. How many times you will open the boxes to correct lable.

Round 3 – F2F

  1. Java 8 new features
  2. SQL Joins and count number of results after Join, Group by and asked to write some queries
  3. Puzzle – Given 50 trucks standing at the same point with full fuel tank. you need to deliver an parcel. what is the maximum distance you can cover. 

Round 4 – F2F [With Tech Lead]

  1. Discussion On SQL vs NoSQL
  2. Project Discussion
  3. Why Do you want to change and other behavioural questions.

Round 5 – F2F [With Co-Founder]

No technical discussion. We discussed about salary, challenges, personal strength and weakness. Scenarios when you conquered your fear and other discussion on personal life.

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